Bristol Palin is the latest . celebrity? It's hard to say that she is . to decide that the whole world apparently needs to know every single intimate detail about her life, with the news that the daughter of Sarah Palin will be launching her own reality TV Series, titled 'Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp.' There's a pun in there, as Tripp is the name of Palin's son, the show will focus on her life as a single mother as she makes a new start in Alaska following a previous flirtation with fame as a contestant on 'Dancing With The Stars.'
"From the first moment she was thrust into the public eye, Bristol and her son have been the subjects of a huge amount of curiosity and misunderstanding," said a spokesperson for the show, Rob Sharenow. He continued "This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world."