Brigitte Nielsen has gone public with her true feelings for Flavor Flav after the Public Enemy rapper helped save her life last week (ends11FEB05) when she suffered a severe asthma attack.

The odd couple appeared on American morning show The View this morning (14FEB05), where Nielsen declared her ongoing love for the rap star, real name WILLIAM DRAYTON.

Nielsen, who is also engaged to an Italian lover, said, "I had an asthma attack and it was not happening at all, and FOOFIE FOOFIE got totally with the programme.

"He did the James Bond thing and he got an ambulance there in a New York second."

Nielsen, who was formerly married to Sylvester Stallone, accepts the romance looks odd to many - even she never thought she'd fall for a man she hated when the two appeared together on celebrity reality show THE SURREAL LIFE.

She adds, "When I walked into Surreal Life... I looked at Foofie and went, 'Oh no, there is now way I can live with this kind of man for 10 days.' After a day and a half it was the natural, most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

"Thanks to Mr F, Foofie Foofie, Flavor Flav, William Drayton, I love you."

14/02/2005 21:42