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Sick Conor Oberst Cancels Remaining Punk Shows

The former Bright Eyes singer/songwriter was hospitalised on Tuesday (27Oct15) while preparing for a show in Jacksonville, and it appears his symptoms are serious. A statement from the band reads, "Desaparecidos has...

Art Garfunkel: 'I Only Became Friends With Paul Simon Out Of Pity And I Created A Monster'

In one of his most candid interviews, the Bright Eyes singer tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph he initially quit Simon & Garfunkel and turned his back on showbusiness to become a teacher because he...

Conor Oberst's Name Is Cleared As Accuser Of Rape Recants Story

For around 6 months, Conor Oberst has been at the centre of a rape accusation stemming from North Carolina resident Joanie Faircloth, who had asserted that the Bright Eyes frontman assaulted her 11 years ago...

Bright Eyes Star Conor Oberst Sues Fan Over Rape Accusation

Bright Eyes star Conor Oberst has followed through on his threat to take legal action against the woman who accused him of raping her as a teenager.Last month (Jan14), the singer/songwriter announced he was considering...

Conor Oberst Auditioned For Inside Llewyn Davis

Bright Eyes star Conor Oberst has revealed he auditioned for the lead role in The Coen Brothers' new movie Inside Llewyn Davis.The folk frontman was hoping to land his first acting role in the film,...

Conor Oberst Opening A Bar

Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst is set to become a landlord after opening his own bar.The singer is setting up the venue in Omaha, Nebraska - his home state - along with his pal and...

Rockers Bright Eyes Not Splitting

Rocker Conor Oberst has brushed off rumours Bright Eyes are set to split.Fans of the American indie rockers were left aghast when Oberst told Rolling Stone, "It does feel like it needs to stop at...

Vanessa Hudgens Used 'White Substance' At Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens - The 22-year-old American actress Vanessa Hudgens was photographed licking a "mysterious white substance" off her finger at the Coachella Music Festival, reports Hudgens was attending the festival in Indio, California, with...

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