Actress Brie Larson has come under criticism for her new movie before the flick has even been released. The first trailer for her new pic, Basmati Blues, has been shown to the public and has not been received well and the star has been accused of perpetuating "white saviour" stereotypes.

Brie LarsonBrie Larson has been accused of perpetuating the 'white saviour' stereotype

Basmati Blues sees the Oscar winning actress taking on the role of a scientist who is tasked with selling genetically modified rice in India after creating it with her father.

The film isn’t scheduled to be released until next year, but it has already faced accusations of perpetuating tired stereotypes after Larson is seen meeting with Indian locals in the trailer.

A number of people took to Twitter to blast the film and its narrative.

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One user wrote: "So fuckin done with Hollywood films of white people coming to save our souls & rice & lands! Blood Diamond formulaic bullshit!"

While another said: "Sweet mother of god... that Brie Larson trailer is every Indian cliché in two minutes. White saviour, people riding on train tops and spicy food. STOP THIS MADNESS."

A third spoke out and claimed the movie was going to go straight to DVD, writing: "I really wish Brie Larson wasn’t in a direct to DVD, cultural appropriative movie called Basmati Blues when the plot line is about a white woman who stands up for Indian people against the evil rice corporation!"

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Donald Sutherland also stars in the flick as Larson’s boss who encourages her go to India.

The romantic comedy musical was filmed in 2013 - well before the actress picked up her Academy Award for her role as a sex abuse victim in Room in 2016 - but has only just secured funding for distribution.

The international trailer has now been deleted.