The people in charge of organising the Live 8 concert in Germany, have fought back against Berlin government and the businesses in the city, after they failed to pledge their support towards the concert that promotes anti-poverty. The Live 8 concert is set to involve multiple, simultaneous performances from a number of artists around the world in various venues. 

Comedian Brian Wilson is set to appear at the concert
Comedian Brian Wilson is set to appear at the concert

Comdeian Brian Wilson, Chris De Burgh and Green Day, are set to perform in front of the German capital's Siegessaule on 2nd July 2005. At the same time, performances are being held in Capitals and major cities like London, Johannesburg, Paris, Rome, Philadelphia, Tokyo and Barrie, Canada. One of the concert promoters, Marek Lieberberg, has revealed that he approached around 50 important German companies, and yet not a single one chose to support the upcoming high profile performances.

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Lieberberg predicts a "huge disgrace" for the government, considering how the concert was only allowed to take place at a tiny venue. Said venue will force a crowd to queue in a dramatically long line through the "most absurd concert-area of the world", which is only 24 metres wide and 1.5 kilometres long. Furthermore, Lieberberg admits that he has regrets for not approaching other cities like Frankfurt or Munich, as he believes that those cities would have been far more supportive of the concert and the charitable events that it supports.

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