Brian Wilson was so drug-addled he forgot he had met John Lennon three times at the same party.

The Beach Boys icon, 81, suffers schizoaffective disorder and mild bipolar disorder after his years strung out on drugs, and started having hallucinations aged 22 about a week after he started his use of psychedelics in early-1965.

Sir Elton John’s long-time lyricist Bernie Taupin, 73, said in his new memoir ‘Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton and Me’ about repeatedly introducing him to Lennon at a celebrity bash in the US: “It was all terribly Hollywood with an array of current celebs and beautiful people relaxing, and as is always the norm at such events – the air of ‘I belong’ and ‘I don’t wish to seem impressed that John Lennon and David Bowie are mingling in my branded space’ was evident.

“In all honesty it was an airy to-do that was quite jolly and easy going until the somewhat hefty presence of Brian Wilson plopped down beside me and whispered breathlessly into my ear, ‘Bernie, Bernie, will you introduce me to John Lennon?’

“I’d met Brian on several occasions, and we were acquainted to the point of nodding acknowledgment and casual conversation.

“I was also convinced in this instant that there must most certainly have been some time in the not-distant-past that the Beatle and Beach Boy had crossed paths.

“But then this was Brian Wilson circa 1975: the acid aftermath, the paranoia, the sandbox years.

“Still a lovely man, and in spite of being toasted by demons and lost in a fog of fragility, he was still someone to respect deeply and treat with TLC.

“So naturally, I acquiesced and turned to John relaying that Brian would like to say hello, and of course, he did gently and pleasantly with no hint of surprise at the request.

“They conversed briefly and very soon John and I found ourselves in some other corner of the room where Brian found me and whispered once again into my ear that he’d like to meet John Lennon.”

Bernie added about agreeing to introduce Brian two more times to the Beatles singer he’d just met: “Surprised but not terribly unprepared given the individual at hand, I remained unfazed and once more turned to my party date inquiring with a raised eyebrow if he would once more like to meet Brian Wilson?

“Similarly unruffled but obviously amused, introductions were made and small talk was made.

“Groundhog Day resumed and not more than 10 minutes later Brian, wide-eyed and insistent, waylaid me pleading in no uncertain terms that he must be introduced to John Lennon.

“It was somewhat unnerving, but still harbouring the belief that the genius that was Brian Wilson was temporarily on vacation, what could I do?

“Slightly exhausted but prepared to remain sympathetic, I approached John and ventured somewhat uncomfortably to once more relay Brian’s request.

“Straight-faced and unwavering, John once more turned to engage the clearly overheated Beach Boy.”

But Bernie said about drawing a line at introducing Brian again to John: “Before long he was back and we made a beeline for the door rather than fall into the same trap a fourth time.”