Brian Williams is angry with NBC over changes to his Rock Center show, which has moved three times since debuting in November 2011, from Monday to Wednesday, to Thursday and now to Friday night. The latest change doesn't appear to bode well for the program with Williams characterizing Friday as its "latest resting place," according to the Huffington Post.

"NBC brass might have upset Williams with the move," said Maria Guthrie on the matter. Sources at NBC News say Williams was angered that Burbank executives did not give the show the promised promotion, while plans to expand it to multiple airing have been abandoned. Rock Center was designed as a more serious show than NBC's existing prime time newsmagazine, Dateline, which often delves into human interest and true crime stories. Williams addressed the continuous re-shuffling in a segment that depicted Rock Center as a nomadic settler "not wanted" and displaced by American Idol and Modern Family.

Brian Williams, Late Show With David LettermanBrian Williams In New York For The Late Show With David Letterman

Alexandra Wallace, the executive producer of Rock Center, said in a statement, "Brian's take on our new time slot was truly funny and the furthest thing from 'angry.' He made light of our travels through the schedule - and we are all thrilled by Rock Center's strong ratings after our Friday night debut. We look forward to settling down in our new home."