LATEST: JACKSON family lawyer Brian Oxman and writer STACY BROWN clashed on TV in America on Tuesday night (07MAR06) when the attorney warned him not to go public with tapes he allegedly has of Jermaine Jackson exposing his brother MICHAEL's problems. Brown is planning an "aggressive" slander suit against Jermaine after the singer rubbished his claims that the pair had embarked on a book project, in which Jackson reportedly promised to talk about brother Michael's alleged drug problems and reveal secrets from his personal life and child molestation trial. And when Brown and Oxman appeared together on US talk show THE BIG IDEA WITH DONNIE DEUTSCH, the two former friends prepared for a legal battle royal. During their heated exchange, Brown, a former Jackson family friend, went public with comments he claimed Oxman had once made to him about not getting paid by the Jacksons - claims the attorney denied, insisting, "I don't discuss the family's business with you." At one point Brown warned, "Brian, you need to watch what you say." Oxman then dismissed Brown's claims he had tapes of conversations of Jermaine Jackson, talking about their book proposal, stating, "I find it offensive that someone goes to someone to say let's write a book together and then the book proposal gets created out of fiction, and then the co-author is disclosing the tapes." The lawyer concluded their heated TV debate by warning Brown, "I don't care what these tapes say, these tapes are under contract with Stacy Brown not to disclose them," prompting Brown to lash out, "Unbelievable... I used to have more respect for you than that."