AC/DC have unveiled the track-listing for their comeback album, 'Power Up'.

The 'Highway To Hell' hitmakers will release their 17th studio album on November 13, and they've marked the big news by lighting up famous London landmarks with their AC/DC signage, including Battersea Power Station, St Paul’s Cathedral, Marble Arch and the Tate Modern gallery.

For their long-awaited follow-up to 2014's 'Rock Or Bust', the iconic rock band - comprising of Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Angus Young, Stevie Young and Phil Rudd - have reunited with producer Brendan O’Brien, who they worked with on 'Black Ice' in 2008 and 'Rock Or Bust'.

The record boasts 12 new tracks in their signature sound, including lead single, 'Shot In The Dark', which is out now.

Guitarist Angus, 65, has revealed that 'Power Up' is a tribute to late brother and bandmate Malcolm Young - who passed away in 2017 - like 1980's 'Back in Black' was for their late lead vocalist Bon Scott.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: “This record is pretty much a dedication to Malcolm, my brother.

“Even when I sit at home and pick up my guitar and start playing, the first thing that enters my head is, ‘I think Mal will like this riff I’m playing, That’s how I judge lot of stuff."

And frontman Brian, 73, admitted he still sees his late bandmate and his presence is very much felt when they are in the studio.

He said: “Malcolm was always there.

“As Angus would say, the band was his idea. Everything in it ran through him. He was always there in your minds or just your thoughts. I still see him in my own way. I still think about him. And then in the studio when we’re doing it, you have to be careful when you look around because he seems to be there."

The track-listing for 'Power Up' is:

1. 'Realize'

2. 'Rejection'

3. 'Shot In The Dark'

4. 'Through The Mists Of Time'

5. 'Kick You When You’re Down'

6. 'Witch’s Spell'

7. 'Demon Fire'

8. 'Wild Reputation'

9. 'No Man’s Land'

10. 'Systems Down'

11. 'Money Shot'

12. 'Code Red'