Brian Eno returns with a new album entitled 'Reflection', but this isn't just any regular album release. He's taken his ambient experimentation outside of the box by releasing it via an app that sees it as an ever-changing piece that is never the same on each listen.

Brian EnoBrian Eno unveils 'Reflections'

The album will be as part of an Apple TV and iOS project which features a series of 'sonic materials' and various imagery to create a piece of 'endless' music that runs off a system of algorithms and constantly morphs depending on what time of day it is and other conditions. 

''Reflection' is the most recent of my Ambient experiments and represents the most sophisticated of them so far', Eno said. 'My original intention with Ambient music was to make endless music, music that would be there as long as you wanted it to be. I wanted also that this music would unfold differently all the time.'

'In the past I was limited to making the systems which make the music, but then recording 30 minutes or an hour and releasing that', he continued. 'But the app by which 'Reflection' is produced is not restricted: it creates an endless and endlessly changing version of the piece of music.'

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The album has been co-produced by Peter Chilvers who has previously worked alongside Eno on projects the likes of 'Small Craft on a Milk Sea', 'Drums Between the Bells' and 'Everything That Happens Will Happen Today'. It follows the release of the critically acclaimed 'The Ship' from April this year, which Chilvers also worked on.

'Reflection' marks Brian Eno's nineteenth solo studio album, and while you can take in the full experience via the app, a standard version will also be released on CD and digitally. 

'Reflection' is set to be released on New Year's Day 2017 through Warp Records.