Brian Cox has teased the third season of 'Succession' will be ''even better'' than the second.

Filming on the new series of the warring family drama has yet to begin because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the 74-year-old actor - who plays patriarch Logan Roy - has already seen the scripts and promised it will be worth the wait for fans.

He said: ''We were supposed to start on April 20. We never started. I mean, we're still waiting. We'll hopefully go at the end of the year or the beginning of the next.

''I'll tell you this much. I know what's happening.

''I can't tell you what's happening but I'll tell you that it's even better than season two.''

The Scottish actor admitted he loves playing the cruel media tycoon.

He told Reader's Digest magazine: ''I love it. It's a great role and it's going on through so many shifts. But the time you get to 'boar on the floor', you have a glimpse of the demonic.''

Brian is ''quite grateful'' to still be working in his 70s but admitted he's always had longevity in mind for his career.

He said: Somebody once actually said to me, 'It's the long haul Brian' and they were right and I thought about that. I thought, 'Yeah, I still want to do this when I'm 70. So I am and I'm still doing it!

''It's worked out the way I hoped it would work out. So I actually feel quite grateful for that.

''But it's also been quite conscious on my part.

''Time is such a funny thing - it all seems to be very short. Especially during lockdown. I get up in the morning and I go to bed just after I've got up. What happened?''