Actor Brian Austin Green can see a bright business future for enterprising his - because the eight year old has already set up his first company.
The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star admits young Kassius has no interest in following his dad into showbusiness; he's set on making money fast and has created his own trading cards to sell at school.
He says, "I think he'll end up being much more of an entrepreneur. He recently started a corporation at school... with his three best friends and they are starting with trading cards. They created their own trading cards that they draw and cut out and sell. And they've now staffed up to 10 people.
"They haven't sold any cards yet because they haven't mastered them yet. They're starting small with cards but eventually they'll be doing video games and web design and things like that. I'm serious. He's eight, it's crazy."
But Green discovered his kid had yet to figure out he had to share his profits with his team of employees - and now the actor feels guilty his son will have to let some of his workers go.
He adds, "I said, 'I think it's great you have this corporation, but you understand there's profit sharing if you have a staff of 10. How much are you selling your cards for?' He said, 'A dollar'. So, I was like, 'You realise you'll only make 10 cents per card?' And he was like, 'Yeah, we might have to cut back on some people.' So, because of me, some of his friends might get fired!"