Moviemaker Brett Ratner has photgraphed his girlfriend naked for a bizarre new Playboy spread.
Victoria's Secret model Alina Puscau bared all for the Rush Hour director and posed provocatively with a mannequin for a series of stylish shots, which will appear in the November (09) issue of the men's magazine.
Ratner, who previously dated tennis ace Serena Williams, admits the photoshoot is based on a personal fantasy, explaining, "It's like seeing inside a sexy, elegant world you wouldn't be allowed into... It's that fantasy of creating your own dream girl."
In the "cinematic" shoot, Puscau, 27, dines with her naked plastic lookalike, applies her make-up and grabs her naked crotch while moving in for a kiss.
Ratner reveals the whole project was an homage to his late friend, German photographer Helmut Newton.
He adds, "Alina is a natural beauty ad reminds me of a Helmut model."
Ironically, the Romanian model admits she agreed to pose for Newton once but he sent her home when she refused to bare all for the photographer.