Brett Favre, the 41-year-old Minnesota Vikings quarterback, will not be sued by the former New York Jets hostess JENN STERGER if he's punished by the NFL, according to the Associated Press, who quoted Sterger's manager last week. Favre is being investigated surrounding allegations that he sent inappropriate text messages to the 27-year-old back while he played for the Jets back in 2008.
Although initial reports suggested that Sterger was set to sue Favre, regarded by many as being one of the greatest players of his generation, her manager PHIL REESE said on Thursday (9th December 2010) that his client wants the league to "implement a program" to prevent unwanted advances from occurring in the future. Reese went on to deny that Sterger was taking the scandal further for financial reasons, saying, "It's not a money story", and suggested that she simply wants Favre to acknowledge that he was in the wrong.
Sterger's attorney confirmed that the NFL had now concluded its investigation of Favre's actions, and that the findings have been sent to the commissioner's office for review. The NFL has continued to remain silent as to the status of the investigation.