Suede believe 'Bloodsports' is some of their best work.

The record is the sixth studio album by the English alternative rock band and the first new material released by them since 2002's 'A New Morning' and frontman Brett Anderson is delighted with how it turned out.

Speaking to Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd at Abbey Road Studios, he said: ''A lot of the motivation for making the album was the fact that the last Suede album before we split up was a bit crap and it was almost like trying to rewrite history a little bit.

''We were in the nice position that if it hadn't worked, we wouldn't have released it. I think that's what it is. I totally see how bands end up releasing something a bit duff because you're just in that mood, 'Oh yeah, everything we do is great'.

''I think that lots of bands, again after a long hiatus wouldn't really sound like themselves because you have other influences coming in. I think that we were conscious of it, of finding this point between it sounding like self-parody, but it sounding authentically like the band. There were lots of songs we wrote that didn't sound like Suede and we rejected them''.

Brett was also thrilled with the reception to the album - which is the first release since the group reformed in 2010.

He explained: ''It was really well received. It was like people went out and bought it because of word of mouth and stuff like that, but it kind of filtered through to people that it was actually quite a good album after all''.

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