Brett Anderson wrote all the songs for his new album in a week.

The Suede frontman has just released his fourth solo LP, 'Black Rainbows', on which he collaborated with musician-and-producer Leo Abrahams.

When Brett went into the studio with Leo - who has previously worked with Paul Simon, Jarvis Cocker and Brian Eno, among others - he had no material ready but the music started to come quickly once the pair started jamming.

In an interview with i-D magazine, he said: "We didn't actually write any songs before we went into the studio. First of all I thought, 'You're insane.' But once we set up we had over 16 hours of music. Then everything fell into place, five or six songs later we suddenly started writing interesting stuff, it was quite an amazing way to work, there's something to be said about being slightly out of control. That's the whole thing about collaborative work and how that's how I work best. Working with Leo was very inspiring, we jammed a lot. It was very spontaneous, we took all these improvisations away and edited them, putting them all together in three days."

The 44-year-old rocker looked to his own life for inspiration for the tracks on 'Black Rainbows' and he admits when he revisits some of the darker moments in his life the experiences naturally lend themselves to songs.

Brett - who has battled alcoholism and drug addiction - explained: "I'm slightly loathe to admit this but if you're an artist people believe that you're meant to be damaged. Sometimes when I'm writing, I use my memory to recall the experience of bad situations. In that sense I can almost fictionalise my life. Not every song I write is in the first person, I use moods and moments in my life."