BRET MICHAELS took part in 'The Masked Singer' for his children.

The Poison frontman - who has Raine, 19, and Jorja, 14, with his former partner Kristi Gibson - was revealed to be the star underneath the banana costume on the celebrity masked singing competition on Wednesday (22.04.20), and has now said he chose to take part in the show because his daughters are fans.

He said: ''The kids love the show. The family loves the show and I want this to go on forever. It's such an upbeat positive party. The world needs this right now.''

And Bret, 57, is an avid watcher of the series - which originated in South Korea and began airing in the US in January last year, with a UK series following in January this year - as he said he ''would have done anything'' to secure his place on the show.

Speaking in his unmasked interview, he said: ''I gotta tell you, I would have done anything to get here. This is the most awesome show. I've never had such a great time. This was a party, you all rock and the Banana fans out here are awesome. I love it here!''

Bret's elimination comes after Rob Gronkowski as White Tiger and Jordyn Woods as Kangaroo, leaving Astronaut, Frog, Kitty, Night Angel, Rhino, and Turtle to compete next week in the Battle of the Sixes.

Following reality star Jordyn's elimination last week, the 22-year-old star revealed plans to start a music career off the back of her appearance on the show.

She said: ''I have not been able to get to the studio. But as soon as everything clears up and we can leave again and I can get to the studio, that is as soon as you guys will get [an album]. Hopefully before the end of 2020. And I'm talking, like, as soon as possible.

''I'm going to most likely start my own label and be signed under myself rather than going to a label.''