Rocker BRET MICHAELS loves to get his hands dirty on his new Rv restoration reality show because he considers the renovation work "good therapy".

As the host of Rock My Rv with Bret Michaels, the Poison frontman joins forces with a team of mechanics and makeover experts to turn drab motor vehicles into luxurious mobile mansions.

And Michaels admits he enjoys getting involved in the heavy lifting.

He tells Star magazine, "I go in there and help with some of the welding because I actually really like doing this stuff. It's good therapy for me."

However, the show, which airs on America's Travel Channel, hasn't been without its mishaps - they used so many pyrotechnics for one big unveiling that emergency services were called to the scene.

He adds, "During one reveal, we blew too much pyro. A bunch of people called 911, so we had a bunch of firefighters come and shut the whole set down!"