BRET MICHAELS, singer of the rock band Poison, has settled his lawsuit against the organisers of the Tony Awards and CBS Broadcasting. The lawsuit addresses an incident that occurred at the 2009 ceremony, when a set piece fell on him, causing a blow to the head. Michaels claimed that the incident caused bleeding on his brain, which nearly killed him. The details of the claim remain confidential.
Michaels was initially left with a bleeding lip and broken nose, but the blow to the head also caused further damage, he claims. In April 2010, he was hospitalized and doctors discovered that he had a brain haemorrhage. He later suffered a 'warning stroke,' which he claims could have killed him. He originally sued in March 2011, but the Los Angeles judge moved the case to New York City. Following a mediation session on Friday (May 11, 2012), an agreement was reached between the three parties.
Bret sued the organizers of the Tonys for not informing him that there would be a set change, following his band's performance of 'Nothin' But A Good Time.' He also sued Cbs Broadcasting, for airing the incident. The video clip went viral online, where it was viewed by "tens of millions of people." His attorney, Alex Weingarten, said that the details of the settlement would be remaining confidential. He added "Mr. Michaels would like to thank his fans for their continued support."