Singer BRET MICHAELS is warning fans not to give up their financial information to online pranksters pretending to be him.

The Poison frontman has become embroiled in a bizarre scam, in which impersonators pose as the rocker and claim he needs fans' assistance to set up a cash transfer. Some gullible fans have been falling for the con, handing over their bank account information.

Urging his devotees to be more aware in a a message on his page, Michaels writes: "It has come to our attention that someone is online saying they are Bret Michaels and that they need help transferring a large sum of money. They are creating numerous fraudulent Facebook profiles, watching who comments on Bret's real Facebook page and then reaching out and starting a conversation.

"They are asking that you do not share the phone number they give you, bring this to management's attention or tell anyone about their texts to you as they need the information to be confidential. They have also been known to text people who have phone numbers listed in their 'about me' sections.

"We implore you to please be vigilant and not fall for these people's lies. Please do not give out your address, phone numbers or any banking information to these individuals. If they message you through Facebook, please report the page."