The health of singer Bret Michaels, who suffers with type 1 diabetes, has deteriorated rapidly in the past two weeks as he was hospitalized a total of six times, which cumulated in him undergoing Kidney surgery.

Bret Michaels
Michaels was hospitalized six times in two weeks

Michaels' website and Facebook page provided an update on his current status on Monday (Nov 10th), explaining to the former Poison frontman's fans what had taken place.

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"Over the last two weeks, Bret was in and out of 6 hospitals throughout the Midwest," wrote guitarist and friend Pete Evick. "The staff and doctors were unbelievable and took incredible care of Bret. The fans and venues have been amazing and their support unprecedented."

Evick revealed that in the past week Michaels had two stents put in his body, and shortly after the procedure he was adamant to continue performing, despite his team and the medical staff advising otherwise. After his concert, the 51 year-old was briefly hospitalized again, but amazingly he made his way to the next show.

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"This time it went real bad. During the show he gave 100 percent, but he hurt himself. Jumping around with two stents was a bad idea. I can't explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after the show," Evick wrote.

Bret Michaels
Amazingly, no other scheduled shows have been cancelled 

He added, "Bret was again taken to a hospital and this time given medication that would keep him down. The doctors basically refused to release him. Causing us to postpone the charity event once again. Bret was truly devastated. It's actually honorable to me that he always brings up the concern for the fans first before addressing his condition."

So Michaels' fans will surely appreciate the fact that "there are no plans to postpone or reschedule any more shows this year," Evick added. "While he was in dire pain, he still played an amazing show to an enormous crowd in Vegas a few days ago. We will see you guys this weekend in Florida."