THE MUMMY star Brendan Fraser has upset family groups in America by joking he'll teach his sons to prick condoms and trick their partners into getting pregnant.

Fraser makes the ill-advised quip in the current issue of America's ELLE magazine, declaring he's keen to become a young grandfather.

In the question-and-answer interview, Fraser is asked what advice about women he plans to impart on his sons GRIFFIN and HOLDEN and he says, "Listen to women... and please put a little pinhole in the condom, because we want to be grandparents sooner rather than later."

But Fraser's comments have upset family values groups in America.

RON PRENTICE of the CALIFORNIA FAMILY COUNCIL has attacked the actor, calling him "incredibly irresponsible".

Prentice says, "It's unfortunate that Mr Fraser's comments, though understood to be in jest, refer to such a serious subject."

13/04/2005 03:09