Review of In My Blood Album by Breed 77

Breed 77
In My Blood
Album Review

Breed 77 In My Blood Album

The single cut from this album " Alive" sounded a little as though it was at odds with its own production, with the darkness brought by Ron St Germain seemingly at odds with the Latino-tinged sounds of Breed 77.

As an album though, this mix seems to work a lot better. There is a real feeling of coherence to the sound. For those of you unfamiliar with the distinctive sound of Breed 77, this is somewhere in the same niche as System of a Down, albeit with a lot more melodic content, and the trademark Latino flavours. Not quite 'Ricky Martin with a hangover' as I have heard them described, but you get the idea.

The formula works best when the heavier numbers are rolled out, like 'Empty Words', but falters when the ballads raise their mediocre heads. ' Look At Me Now' and 'So You Know' actually do sound like the aforementioned Mr Martin, perhaps on mogadon.

Breed 77 - the only band you know from Gibraltar. Worth remembering for the pub quiz if nothing else.

Richard Edge

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