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Manchester Academy 2

Breed 77

What do you think of when you hear about Gibraltar? Holidays in the sun? The rock of Gibraltar? Or metallic rock with a hint of flamenco to warm the most wintry of nights and hearts (or ears) of fans everywhere? Not so likely the last one, but Gibraltan born, London based metallers Breed 77 are just that, and have done just that, and tonight descended upon Manchester in support of the mighty Fear Factory. Gathering an impressive crowd themselves, as the warm up to the main act, and not surprising as they zoom towards 3rd album "Alive," they have the confidence, skill, talent and unique sound to win over fans everywhere.

Opening with the frenetic sounds of "World On Fire" a strong favourite from 2nd album "Cultura," and one that oozed hints of their Spanish roots. The band started their steamroller of a set wisely, and needing no warming up, already oozing energy and charisma, as well as tight Latin guitar rhythms.

The notably heavier affair "Alive" lost no enthusiasm and only gained energy as they ploughed on, the song seeing the band, especially frontman Paul Isola bounding around the stage, oozing certainty by leaning out toward the crowd urging the pit on. The encouragment however, was more of a character trait than a need as the gathering already shared the bands enthusiasm and passion, and only 2 songs in.

If "Alive" was a heavy affair, then you hadn't seen anything yet. Next on the agenda was "Apathy" a new track, introduced as their heaviest work yet, and they were not wrong, those there for the main act, or fans of heavier stuff in general probably thought they had died and gone to heaven, or hell, whatever tickled their fancy. The band showed they weren't all about melodic metal, flamenco and Spanish moods, and that they could do heavy as well as the next, the refreshing thing was, they did it without losing the sounds of their roots, standing way above the rest.
"A Matter Of Time" was a fine example of the distinctive smouldering vocals heard all night from Isola, and the rest of the band gave their all with powerful and passionate musicianship, raw guitar melodies and forceful percussion ringing around the venue.

A mere half hour later and we were left wanting more, thankfully it was a support slot and the band put our minds at ease by informing us they'd be back with their own tour later in the year, when we can hear the new material in full. They did not leave us without a real goodbye however, and what better way than "Blind" and the very Latin, "La Ultima Hura" to end such a raw and emotive set and to stay in the minds of the lively pit. Watch this space!

Katherine Tomlinson

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