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Breed 77 - Manchester Academy - Livew Review

Breed 77

Manchester Academy 3


The last time Breed 77 appeared in Manchester, the band toured on the back of mellow and flamenco like single,The River,

Three months late and they are back promoting current single World on Fire, a more frenetic offering, and one that is more true to what the band are about, frenetic riffs, and creative lyrics, but most of all, nu metal angst with a unique twist.

Back then, prior to the release of the now established second album Cultura, the band already created a stir amongst fans of metal and heavy music, despite their first offering being that of a more melodic, flamenco sound.

The previous gig showed a crowd giving their all and their respect, and gaining an early insight into what this Gibraltan band had to offer. Tonight was no different, with fans no doubt returning and new fans attending, now having heard their offerings to the point of knowing them word for word.

Breed 77 - Manchester Academy - Livew Review
Breed 77 - Manchester Academy - Livew Review

The band this time around tour on the back of frenetic and powerful single World on Fire, a song showing the complete diversity of the band, and the true nature of Breed 77, nu metal with the twist of various latin sounds, courtesy of the bands roots.

Despite the growing fan base, and fresh from the main stage and Donington Download Festival, Breed 77 returned to the intimate academy 3 that welcomed them on their previous date in Manchester, giving lucky fans another chance to see them in a small venue.

A sound that is much rawer and heavier live, than on CD did not lack quality, and bounced around the small venue walls, echoing for everyone there and beyond to hear. Not a million miles away from bouncing around the room was the small but energetic pit, who literally threw themselves into it from beginning frenetic tunes Individo and afore mentioned single World on Fire only stopping for the melodic and atmospheric The River to which respect was paid. Now revitalised, the ardent fans had more chance to burn off energy during the haunting and fast moving La Ultima Hora, which proved a great momentum builder. A fusion of angst, smouldering vocals, Latin guitar rhythms and heavy riffs later, and Breed 77 reached The Only Ones a sign that the night was coming to the end, and a perfect description of what the band plan to do:

We are the children who got left behind,

Never forgotten we are in your mind

And never forgotten, the band confidently stayed in fan's minds as they left the building and for time to come, until next time.

Katherine Tomlinson