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Breed 77 are certainly making a name for themselves, and new album "Cultura" is certainly set to do just that. Having heard single "The River," they may have been passed off as a melodic metal band, and as nothing more. As melodic are "The River" is, Breed 77 inject something of their own into the song, giving it an original and atmospheric feel. Listening to "Cultura" they are ten steps ahead of other melodic rock bands, and far more interesting. Why? Because

Breed 77 - Cultura - Album Review

Breed 77 are not afraid to break the boundaries of melodic metal, and in doing so, create blinding mixtures of Spanish frenetic guitar fuelled rock, and know no boundaries emotion.

Breed 77 make it clear that they do not wish, nor need to enter the realms of Nickelback, preferring to leave the emotionally stunted behind and really let go lyrically and musically. Their colourful approach is enhanced by their background, growing up in Spanish cultures has really influenced their music, Breed 77 instill Mexican style electric guitars, Spanish acoustic guitars, and experimental vocals and instrumental guitar solos, they are all there.

The album catches you right from the start, with the haunting "Voices"and its eery sounds of blowing wind, like that in horror films where you are alone in the house and the wind is all you can hear. Before you can even peer outside, in crashes "Individo" a frenetic, guitar filled offering, which starts as the album means to go on. "La Ultima Hora" maintains the momentum, still haunting, fast moving, with a strong presence of a Mexican/Spanish feel to maintain traditions. The album experiences a mellow moment in the form of "The River" a moody, atmospheric offering, and the latest single from the band. A stand out track, as Breed 77 experiment with unlimited emotions and Spanish feels, "The River" is powerful stuff, not your average half-hearted effort. "Calling Out" sets up the momentum once more, with experimental and bold guitar solos, and frenetic Mexican style guitars, it's almost as though you are on holiday there. Breed 77 take melodic metal and throw it in the shredder, adding their unique style and culture to a mediocre genre.

" Oracian Final" sees the band going back to their roots in their entirety,as they not only inject Spanish fuelled rock, but also go for an epic Spanishlanguage track, creating the vision of a multi cultural festival in your ownhome. "The Only Ones" is a soundtrack to what Breed 77 are attemptingto do:

"We are the children who got left behind,

Never forgotten we are in your mind"

Breed 77 are the ones leaving others behind and stomping ahead at full steam and they are definitely in your mind. "Cultura" can only build on those already converted.

Katherine Tomlinson

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