DC's 'Legends Of Tomorrow' brings together a strange group of heroes and anti-heroes, all tasked with travelling time and space to take on some of the most powerful forces the world has ever seen. Right now, those heroes are going through the motions in Doomworld, but will return to the scenes of the First World War in an attempt to find an important relic they'd previously lost. For those who don't watch the show, it's all very complicated and confusing stuff.

The cast of DC's 'Legends Of Tomorrow'The cast of DC's 'Legends Of Tomorrow'

For fans however, the series has provided addictive and infectious viewing, with great performances by some of the small screen's most talented actors. Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz are among the cast, playing The Atom and White Canary respectively and doing their part in leading a team that would previously never work together.

First introduced through fellow Arrowverse shows 'Arrow' and 'The Flash', viewers have seen all of those involved in the time-travelling series tackle incomprehensible challenges. With the second season finale looming, there could be the biggest one yet lurking on the horizon.

Returning to the past, the Legends team will break the one rule that Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) warned them about. Not all will be doom and gloom however, as executive producer Phil Klemmer says there's a "comedy" to the way in which things will be dealt with, especially when the heroes meet the past versions of themselves.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl in 'Legends Of Tomorrow'Hawkman and Hawkgirl in 'Legends Of Tomorrow'

Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, he explained: "They [upcoming scenes] were the most fun scenes I've ever written on the show - between the Legends and themselves - both for the comedy and the pathos of it all."

The EP adds of the finale's ambitions: "Our mission is to surprise people, and that's why we have to force ourselves out of our comfort zone at the end of every season, so we'll be as surprised as the rest of the audience when we finally get there."

Klemmer also revealed that with the confirmed third season will come new additions to the Legends team, but noted fans won't find out exactly who those members are until the third season premiere later this year.

One thing he did promise however was "so many deaths". "It's more people than I've probably killed in my entire television career," he said. "It's ridiculous".

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'Legends Of Tomorrow' concludes tonight (April 4) at 8pm ET on The CW in the US, and continues on Sky1 in the UK.