Brandon Flowers was ecstatic to finally meet his newborn son in the delivery room - because he hadn't felt like a father throughout his wife's pregnancy.
The Killers rocker and his wife Tana Munblowsky welcomed their firstborn tot into the world in 2006, after just a year of marriage.
But despite supporting his partner as she carried their child, Flowers insists he didn't really understand what it meant to be a dad until his son was born.
He says, "It was wonderful attending the birth. They say a man doesn't become a father until the baby is born, whereas a woman is a mother as soon as she's pregnant. I guess that is true.
"I was sympathetic to my wife and excited about having a baby, but it didn't hit me until he was born. That was the greatest day of my life."
And even although parenthood is a drain on the couple's time, they still find time for romance.
He adds, "I know the right time to send flowers. Sometimes it's not on the calendar and it's not about Valentine's Day - it's knowing when to do it. Now of course a romantic evening is all about getting the baby to bed early. That's when the romance begins."