Brandon Flowers has described the band's upcoming album as ''peak spirit for The Killers''.

The US rockers release their eighth studio effort, 'Imploding The Mirage', next month, and the frontman has teased that fans are in for a real treat.

He said: ''There's a lot of spirit in it and a lot of the bands that we admire had that quality, this is sort of peak spirit for The Killers and I'm really excited for it to come out.''

The lead single, 'Caution', features a guitar solo by former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, and Brandon was thrilled that they got to hang out with him rather than him just ringing it in.

Speaking on Ash London Live on Hit Network, he said: ''We're lucky, a lot of these people who are legendary don't get bothered that much because you would assume that we're afraid of them or assume that they're going to say no.

''So many times I think they're happy to be thought of and be appreciated and Lindsey was no different.

''He came to the studio where we were working in LA and he just delivered.

''It was great we didn't have to get him to send it in remotely, we got to be in the room with and go to dinner with him.''

'Imploding The Mirage' is The Killers' hotly-anticipated follow-up to 2017's 'Wonderful Wonderful'.

Meanwhile, the 'Mr. Brightside' hitmaker has compared being in lockdown to the horror movie 'The Shining'.

He said: ''I'm in the mountains of Utah, it's just full blown winter vibes here. ''Everybody else is starting to get spring before sort of feels like 'The Shining' where I am.The highest is in the high-30s Fahrenheit.''