The release of Flowers' new solo album, The Desired Effect, left many fans fearing for the band's future, but the frontman has assured them there's nothing to worry about.

He tells, "Everything is fine. I've been talking to (bandmate) Dave (Keuning), and he hasn't sounded this excited about making music in a long time. So that, in turn, makes me excited. I feel like when he's at his best, and when we're all collaborating, is when The Killers are at their best, and that's what we really need.

"I've said it before, I think we need a little bit of a kick in the pants, and hopefully it's coming... It (making music) can become just sort of too cyclical. It's like, 'Oh, it's time to get back together, we're making a record, then we go on tour'. And it's this big sort of machine, now.

"We really need to find a way to get a little bit of that drive and that hunger back that we had earlier on, and not just look at it as an opportunity to make more money and make a record and go tour.

"I want to feel like we're together, and I might just be guilty as anybody else, of being sort of duped by just seeing a picture of guys and assuming everything is perfect and they're just a band of brothers making music. But that's what I want, and that's the goal, and that's what we all want. I want us to get back to that place."