INCUBUS star Brandon Boyd is still stunned after finding dreams can come true if you scribble names on a piece of paper - he's landed a duet with his heroine Chrissie Hynde.

The singer and his group were working on new songs for Jamie Foxx's new movie STEALTH when they came up with a duet ballad.

Movie director Rob Cohen, a fan of the group's, asked them to come up with a wish list of talent they'd like to work with, and when THE PRETENDERS' Hynde came up, he set about getting Boyd and her together in the studio.

Boyd says, "The band had a great time, wrote songs we felt held true to the character of the movie but also true to the character of the band.

"Then, when Chrissie happened, it couldn't get any better."

16/05/2005 08:58