The Brand Bew Heavies - Interview

06 April 2005

The Brand Bew Heavies

The Brand Bew Heavies - Interview

Contactmusic caught up with the Brand New Heavies for a general chat about life since the release of their latest album Allabouthefunk.

So how is your day going?

Yea ok thanks, just hanging around and talking to beautiful women!

New single out on the 11 th ‘Surrender’ how it all looking?

It’s all looking pretty good, pretty sexy. All the feedback has been great and Europe is looking exciting at the moment. We’ve just been on a tour around Europe; we went around everywhere, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Italy Poland, France and Belgium. It’s been great traveling out there, in total it took us about three weeks so, and it was a bit mad. We’re still going back to Italy and Paris soon I think. Europe is just a real ongoing thing at the moment. It’s going to be busy but I guess it is all part of what we do.

The Brand Bew Heavies - Interview
The Brand Bew Heavies - Interview

You’re known as musical freethinkers, how does this affect your writing process when it comes to write something that’s personal yet chart friendly?

I think because we have been doing it for a long time now it’s getting easier than it used to be. You get through a lot of ideas and you kind of record a lot more stuff than you use we’re definitely never short of ideas but we don’t necessarily sit down and write a song and think this is going to be a hit track. I think we remain conscious of it but it think if you let it be part of your song writing process it makes it really difficult.

What do you use for motivation when you’re writing?

For me lyrically when we made this album, with the track “ Need Some More” I actually had a burning need to have a poke at the music industry and the state that it was in. In my opinion there wasn’t much quality music around at the time and I got a bit frustrated about it. Most of the album was more about having a good time and I guess there are bits about my ex’s. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend but in the whole it was just about having a good time dancing enjoying it. Surrender was really about doing something good and that was my motivation throughout the album.

How is your new home at one two records going?

It’s great! Thanks for asking that, no one ever asks us about it. We actually named the label in a creative meeting it’s kind of our label as well

What was the last band you watched and thought wow they are really good?

Angie stone at the Hammersmith was amazing, Jill Scott was really great also. We all love live music but we haven’t had any really chance to get together and go and watch anyone. It’s just good to go out and do something different to the usual bowling and stuff like that.

What song sums up your mood today?

Show me the way to go home? Nah, only joking. There’s a track called Sphynx on our very first album autonomously called “The Brand New Heavies” and I’m feeling a bit like that today, it’s quite a dark track but it has a hopeful message. Shake Down could be another, We are all having a great time today so I guess that one also fits.

Ok so if you were to create a super group who would be in it?

Simon Bartholomew, Nicole Russo, Andrew Levy, would be rather good. I guess the real problem about super groups is that they are all full of super egos and you might have a group in your imagination but in real life they would refuse to be in a room together! I we would take James Brown, Elvis Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Khan and Madonna would be in there to get are sales up and maybe Bach Cheryl Tweedy for a wild card and Spiderman on guitar and The Hulk on drums. I guess to complete the line up we would have miss piggy for the manager.

Are you not so good at anything?

Everything apart from music. I’m really rubbish about doing my accounts, organization has never been a strong point.

It’s all about funk for you guys, As you get older do you find it come easier or is it more difficult?

It hasn’t really changed! Our motto is funky forever! But it has got a little easier because we listen to so much more music and our pool of grooves and musical influences is getting bigger all the time.

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