Review of Ring A Ding Ding Single by Brakes

Ring A Ding Ding

Brakes Ring A Ding Ding Single

Single Review

Ok, so am I reviewing The Brakes or good old Roxy Music? This 70s sounding tune is from The Brakes debut album Give Blood. The only danger of sounding so much like another song is you actually forget what you are listening to and just start thinking of the original tune and you start singing, in this case Roxy Music's Virginia Plain. Not sure if the singer is Eamon, Mark, Tom or Alex, but whichever one it is they are even trying to copy brian ferry's unique method of singing but have failed at it.

For all those who are not old enough to remember roxy music or were not subjected to brian ferry and his gang by their parents then this is a great song, but personally I think the suave mr ferry is far superior and Virginia plain is a far better song. My advise- listen to the brakes and then hunt through your dad's cds till you find roxy music (every dad has one) and listen to Virginia plain and then compare the two. Bitching aside, it's a good song but too 70s sounding to be original, will be interesting to here their other stuff though.

Joanne Nugent

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