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10th March 2016

Fact: Bradley Cooper makes a small voiceover cameo in upcoming sci-fi horror film 10 Cloverfield Lane. Director J.J. Abrams, who worked with the actor on his hit spy series Alias, texted his longtime pal about the gig, and Bradley eagerly replied, "Whatever you want."

27th December 2015

Quote: "When we were doing our dance lessons together, I'm pretty sure he sweats from his butt first. You know, you've got pit stains everywhere but like his butt would start sweating and I'm like, 'Is your butt sweating before your armpits are sweating?' 'We didn't, you know, have long conversations about it. It's just something I kind of like clocked." Jennifer Lawrence reveals a rather peculiar personal hygiene issue of co-star Bradley Cooper during the filming of their 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook.

22nd December 2015

Quote: "(Bradley Cooper) is a fantastic kisser." Actress Jennifer Lawrence enjoys locking lips onscreen with her American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and Joy co-star.

29th October 2015

Fact: Bradley Cooper's supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk has been unveiled as the new face of cosmetics giant L'Oreal Paris. The Russian stunner joins the likes of Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and Zoe Saldana among the company's celebrity spokesmodels.

23rd October 2015

Quote: "My grandfather was a cop in Philly (Philadelphia) and then towards the end of his run he started a garlic business. He would package garlic and he would sell it to local vendors. He did it out of his basement." Bradley Cooper's grandfather was a garlic guru when the actor was growing up.

20th October 2015

Quote: "I literally couldn't believe we were working with the plastic baby. I was like, 'This is nuts! Eat your heart out, Muppets'. I have to say, I grew to be very fond of that (doll). I fell in love with that plastic thing." Bradley Cooper on his scenes with a fake baby in American Sniper.

13th April 2015

Quote: "Chris Kyle would have turned 41 four days ago. Chris, this is for you." Bradley Cooper dedicated his Best Male Performance trophy at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards to the slain soldier he portrayed in American Sniper.

2nd February 2015

Fact: Bradley Cooper had double the reason to celebrate his latest Academy Awards nomination as he attended the annual nominee luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (02Feb15) with director Clint Eastwood - the day marked the second anniversary of his real-life character Chris Kyle's death. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also declared 2 February Chris Kyle Day across the state.

30th January 2015

Fact: Bradley Cooper is one step closer to turning his 2011 movie Limitless into a Tv series after U.S. network bosses at CBS ordered a pilot episode. The actor is serving as executive producer of the project, alongside the film's director Neil Burger. The show, penned by Elementary's Craig Sweeny, will serve as a sequel to the movie, about a man who becomes a financial success after a stimulating drug gives him access to 100 per cent of his brain.

29th January 2015

Fact: Actors Chris Pine and Jon Hamm are to join Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd in the upcoming Tv reboot of 2001 cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer.

13th January 2015

Quote: "The thing about Texas is it's sort of like Italy, there's all these different dialects everywhere and also Chris was a bit of a specific entity because... he went all over the world, so depending on where he was, his accent sort of changed." Actor Bradley Cooper worked with a dialect coach to help him perfect his Texas accent in American Sniper. The American Hustle star portrays late U.S. sniper Chris Kyle in the film and admits the Navy Seal's accent was hard to tackle.

7th January 2015

Quote: "Complete horses**t... Never got a call; nothing... You would like to see that? Really?" Bradley Cooper shoots down rumours suggesting he once turned down a Taylor Swift date request during a radio interview with Howard Stern.

6th January 2015

Fact: Actor Bradley Cooper showed off his air guitar skills on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (05Jan15) when he gave a faux performance of Neil Young's Down By The River. The American Hustle star donned a permed wig for his near-perfect guitar-less performance, during which he acted out Young's guitar riffs for the audience and viewers.

5th January 2015

Fact: Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper has peeled off for a photoshoot for the new issue of W magazine. The Hangover star is shown in one image naked and holding a pair of white trousers to preserve his modesty.

26th December 2014

Fact: Actor Jonah Hill celebrated his birthday over the weekend (20-21Dec14) with a star-studded party which included Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper as guests. The 22 Jump Street star turned 31 on Saturday (20Dec14) and was also joined by friends Mary-Kate Olsen, Tobey Maguire and Michael Cera at Smith & Mills in New York. During the night, Hill was serenaded by a mariachi band.

20th October 2014

Fact: Bradley Cooper was literally left with egg on his face during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (17Oct14) when he and the host played egg Russian Roulette. The two pals had to pick eggs from a carton of 12 and smash them on their foreheads. Eight of the eggs were hard-boiled and the others raw. The odd duel ended in a draw after both Fallon and Cooper smashed one raw egg and four hard-boiled on their heads, leaving only two fresh eggs left in the carton. They smashed those on each other's heads.

28th July 2014

Quote: "Do you know what, I'm reluctant to say, I watched the whole thing of? Scandal. It's amazing. I was with somebody, they were watching, I was like, 'What is this show?' and I watched one episode... and then I literally spent the next four days watching the whole thing. I love it... Scandal is like, the sort of stepbrother or stepchild of House of Cards." Actor Bradley Cooper is hooked on Kerry Washington's political drama.

30th June 2014

Fact: Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender reportedly partied together at Britain's Glastonbury Festival over the weekend (28-29Jun14). According to The Sun newspaper, the movie stars weer dancing and drinking until 4am.

3rd March 2014

Quote: "I think that's his win for sure. He got into the most famous selfie in the world. I'm glad I could have facilitated that." Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o is thrilled to have given her brother Peter the chance to sneak into a photo alongside stars including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt at the Academy Awards prizegiving on Sunday (02Mar14).

20th February 2014

Fact: British actress Emma Thompson made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (19Feb14) to partake in a game of charades with actor Bradley Cooper and country singer Tim Mcgraw.

20th February 2014

Fact: Actor Bradley Cooper gifted U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon with a wood sculpture of New York's Chrysler Building, which he carved himself, during an appearance on the U.S. comic's late-night show on Wednesday (19Feb14). Fallon's new Tonight Show stage set features a replica of the Big Apple skyline.

18th February 2014

Fact: Bradley Cooper will be gaining 35 pounds (16 kilograms) to play late Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle, who was murdered in Texas earlier this month (Feb14), in an upcoming biopic. The actor tells Ellen DeGeneres, "I have to be someone in the same vein as him. He was a very big guy."

11th December 2013

Quote: "I kept hitting him and I guess it wasn't reading as hard enough and David's yelling, 'Hit him, hit him,' Bradley's yelling, 'Hit me, hit me,' so I did, and his face started swelling... I was like, 'I certainly hope you have (the shot) because Bradley needs some ice.' I felt very badly about that." Actress Amy Adams regrets hitting her American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper in the face during filming after director David O. Russell and Cooper himself encouraged her.

10th December 2013

Quote: "He was in pink curlers every morning and I just really loved looking at that and couldn't take enough pictures. That made my morning every day. That was better than coffee." Jennifer Lawrence got a kick out of her American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper's 1970s hairdo for the film - the actor set 110 curlers on his head for three hours a day to achieve a perm-like style.

2nd December 2013

Quote: "Maybe it's best for me to say, 'I'm not one of those girls who goes on about their boyfriends'... But the truth is, if I start talking about him, I probably won't be able to stop. And I don't really want to talk about him, you know?" British model Suki Waterhouse keeps quiet on the subject of her boyfriend, Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper.

30th May 2013

Quote: "When I was a kid, I was obsessed with soldiers. I wanted to become a soldier. I really thought about enlisting at one point in my life... I got close once, but my dad didn't let me." Bradley Cooper once considered a military career.

24th May 2013

Quote: "After the second take she said, 'You're a wet kisser.' You don't want to hear that. It was not a compliment." Jennifer Lawrence was not impressed with Bradley Cooper's smooching skills on the set of Silver Linings Playbook."

3rd May 2013

Fact: Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper has shot a new advertisement for popular ice cream brand Haagen-Dazs. The actor plays a guest at a glamorous dinner party, where model Jana Perez catches his eye and leads him to a private room, only to lock him away and steal his frozen treat.

1st March 2013

Quote: "I feel like all I've been doing lately is setting him up. I was like, 'You know what? I'm gonna save time and just get you a booklet with pictures of my friends. You just go through and pick them out, because this is getting exhausting.'" Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has been setting up her single Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper with her friends.

8th February 2013

Tweet: "Bradley all the way with the Oscars. This is your year, you deserve it." Retired boxer Mike Tyson will be rooting for his The Hangover co-star Bradley Cooper at the Academy Awards later this month (Feb13). The Silver Linings Playbook star is nominated for a Best Actor award.

8th February 2013

Fact: Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell and his Silver Linings Playbook leading man Bradley Cooper met with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday (07Feb13) to discuss mental health issues. The movie star plays a bipolar sufferer struggling to get his life back on track after a spell in a mental institute in the acclaimed film, which was inspired by Russell's son Matthew, who is battling the same condition.

28th January 2013

Quote: "I've never met her... not true at all. It's completely made up... Somebody decided to tell that story." Bradley Cooper on reports suggesting Taylor Swift has a crush on him.

22nd January 2013

Quote: "When I was in grad school I was a doorman in a hotel. I remember everything... I took LEONARDO DiCaprio up to his hotel room when I was 24, we're the same age. I still remember that, he was friendly." Bradley Cooper had a brush with fame when he was younger.

17th January 2013

Quote: "I permed my hair today. We did a camera test today and we were playing with the idea of him having curly hair. Like rollers! Rollers in the hair!" Bradley Cooper is trying out new hairstyles for his role in David O. Russell's next movie.

14th January 2013

Quote: "Oh my God. That's very funny. No, my God. No... Not even close. First of all, I could be her father!" Bradley Cooper jokes about rumours linking him romantically to newly-single Jennifer Lawrence, his co-star in acclaimed drama Silver Linings Playbook. The Hunger Games beauty reportedly split from British actor Nicholas Hoult late last year (12).

11th January 2013

Quote: "I just can't wait to be around the guy. Is that creepy?" Bradley Cooper is thrilled to be Oscar nominated alongside Daniel Day-Lewis.

11th January 2013

Quote: "Ben Affleck got robbed. It's just ridiculous... It's disappointing because everything was pointing towards him getting nominated and I was baffled by it." Best Actor Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper still can't believe Affleck missed out on a Best Director nomination for Argo.

10th January 2013

Quote: "I do have to say real quick, Ben Affleck got robbed." Bradley Cooper is stunned to learn the Argo actor/director missed out on a Best Director nomination for the 2013 Academy Awards, even though the hostage drama was shortlisted for the prestigious Best Picture honour when the nods were announced on Thursday morning (10Jan13). Cooper was nominated in the Best Actor category for his role in Silver Linings Playbook, which also landed David O. Russell a Best Director nod.

10th January 2013

Quote: "I would say I am a romantic, for sure. I think most guys are deep down. I look at my parents, who have been married happily since 1963, and my grandparents are the same. What guy wouldn't want that?... Traditional roles are becoming a thing of the past, but I think there is something still really charming about them." The Hangover star Bradley Cooper dreams of settling down with a longterm partner.

10th January 2013

Quote: "I am deeply humbled and extremely grateful for the honor of being recognised among these fantastic actors by the British Academy Film Awards, and now I have another excuse to visit one of the greatest cities in the world!" Bradley Cooper is thrilled by his BAFTA Leading Actor nomination for his role in Silver Linings Playbook.

8th January 2013

Quote: "I would like to do a musical. I do like to sing." The Hangover star Bradley Cooper is keen to show off his vocal skills on stage.

26th November 2012

Quote: "I prepared like crazy, but sometimes it just doesn't work. And it hurt. I care about things I do. Not that it was a huge bomb, but we didn't do a second one." Bradley Cooper was disappointed by the lacklustre response to the 2010 big screen adaptation of hit '80s Tv show The A-Team, in which he played Lt. Templeton 'Face' Peck.

23rd November 2012

Quote: "I'm superstitious that when I watch the Eagles, they lose! And I'm a huge Eagles fan! I would go to the bathroom and they'd score a touchdown! But not since September - I gotta stop watching them!" Actor Bradley Cooper is trying to avoid watching his hometown football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, play after their recent losing streak in the Nfl.

13th November 2012

Quote: "I think it was instituted back with (George) Clooney, but there's a whole decompression you go through. After this, I get whisked away to somewhere in Wisconsin, and they talk me down for about a week... I think Matt Damon runs it now." Actor Bradley Cooper jokes about stepping down as People magazine's 2012 Sexiest Man Alive. The new 2013 titleholder will be unveiled on Wednesday (14Nov12).

6th November 2012

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley Cooper, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were among the stars who helped billionare businessman Jho Low celebrate his 31st birthday at the Wynn Las Vegas on Saturday (03Nov12). Pop star Britney Spears sang a short rendition of Happy Birthday, while other guests included Robert De Niro, Zoe Saldana, Paris Hilton, Swizz Beatz, Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes, and South Korean rapper Psy.

4th November 2012

Quote: "That was hilarious. I called my agent and said, 'Gosling must have said no'." Bradley Cooper on his Sexiest Man Alive honour from People magazine.

2nd November 2012

Quote: "They said I was dating Jennifer Aniston and she had a candlelit dinner at my Bel Air home. I don't live in Bel Air. I don't have any candles. (But) the best was I read one time that the reason my marriage broke up was that my ex-wife found me in bed with another guy... That was really specific!" Bradley Cooper on the most amazing false gossip he has read about himself.

24th October 2012

Quote: "I'm in therapy three times a week, but I think I'll get through it." People magazine's reigning Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper jokes about giving up the coveted title. The Hangover star, who was awarded the honour last December (11), has tapped fellow actor Richard Gere to succeed him.

7th September 2012

Fact: Movie hunk Bradley Cooper has a permanent hole in his eardrum after puncturing it while diving as a youth.

21st February 2012

Fact: Zoe Saldana's romance with Bradley Cooper appears to be heating up - she's been spotted with The Hangover star's mother in Los Angeles. The actress treated Gloria Cooper to lunch and a cinema trip over the weekend (18-19Feb12).

14th December 2011

Quote: "I quit it but, for some reason, no matter how many women tell me it's disgusting, deep down I still think, 'You love it! You want a real man.'" Actor Bradley Cooper has given up his smoking habit.

17th November 2011

Quote: "My first instinct is to try to fix something myself. Most recently, I tried to fix the toilet in my hotel and it worked!" Actor Bradley Cooper fancies himself as a handyman.

17th November 2011

Quote: "Nothing except my dad's ring. When he was dying, I took his ring and I put it right on my finger and I'm just like, 'I'm never taking it off.'" Bradley Cooper refrains from wearing jewellery, apart from a sentimental ring that belonged to his late father, who died in January (11).

16th November 2011

Quote: "A lot of the mall openings will be fun... I'm really looking forward to the record that we're gonna put out and then the tour. I can't wait to do the parades; I'm really excited about my costume... I think we start the 50 city tour next week and we have a great show lined up - a lot of tap-dancing." Bradley Cooper jokes about how he'll celebrate his new People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive title.

15th June 2011

Quote: "I can't remember what he said, but within minutes, we were just laughing so hard." Bradley Cooper on calling pal and The Hangover co-star Zach Galifianakis from the hospital after his father died.

24th May 2011

Quote: "They had ads in Vegas for ‘The Hangover Package’, and I’d be curious to see what was on the itinerary. Did they somehow wrangle a tiger? I’m just wondering how they were selling it." Actor Bradley Cooper jokes about hotels in Sin City offering travel packages based on his hit film The Hangover.

19th May 2011

Quote: "We do text each other... He works more than anybody I know and he was in New Orleans and I wrote him: 'You're an animal, you're a monster!' And then he wrote back and he was like, 'I Am An Animal!' - all caps." Bradley Cooper on his friendship with Robert De Niro.

16th May 2011

Quote: "I worked with that monkey on (film) Failure to Launch and it didn't wear a diaper that time and it would s**t all over my back after every take." Bradley Cooper on reteaming with capuchin monkey star Crystal in The Hangover sequel.

13th May 2011

Quote: "The character of Phil was recreated. He was originally called Vic and he was a used-car salesman and he said 'baby' a lot. It literally sounded like it was Vince Vaughn." Bradley Cooper admits the original script for The Hangover didn't appeal to him.

25th April 2011

Quote: "We'd be on the ground, dirty, with fish blood dripping on us. That became normal." Actor Bradley Cooper got used to being filthy as he filmed The Hangover: Part Ii in Bangkok, Thailand.

25th April 2011

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper were among the stars who attended film producer Ryan Kavanaugh's bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the weekend (23-24Apr11).

29th March 2011

Quote: "What kind of gift is that? But I tell you, I cannot stop riding that Vespa." Actor Bradley Cooper has fallen in love with his new set of wheels after receiving the present from producer/director Todd Phillips, who gave the entire cast of The Hangover Part II Vespas as wrap gifts.

28th March 2011

Quote: "Of course, they found it the next day, because you couldn't miss the car. Not only that, the guy who stole it also robbed a bank. So they found him with that car, and, like, an old cartoon safe in the back seat. With the top down." Bradley Cooper reveals how a thief stole one of the Mercedes featured in The Hangover to use as a getaway car after robbing a bank.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "The only thing that's different now is my mother lives with me, and she didn't ask for it all." Bradley Cooper is unfazed by the paparazzi, but worries the snappers will bother his mum Gloria.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "The idea I was going to be an actor scared the s**t out of my parents. My dad was the first one to go to college in his neighbourhood. He was a stockbroker - and then his son wants to be an actor?" Bradley Cooper's parents were wary of the star's career choice.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "He's doing great. He's doing amazing." Actor Tom Arnold insists his movie star pal Bradley Cooper is coping well following his split from girlfriend Renee Zellweger last week (ends18Mar11).

16th March 2011

Quote: "When I was shooting The A-Team I couldn’t eat anything, which was a nightmare because I love to eat... I would still make sandwiches. I would like cut a grape in half - this is so depressing - and I would put an almond inside... to make a little sandwich. It was my big treat."Bradley Cooper suffered to achieve his ripped body in The A-team.

14th March 2011

Quote: "I've been hearing lately that Charlie Sheen is in the movie, which would be odd since we already shot the movie. Mike Tyson's back. It takes place in Bangkok... It's a little darker than the first one, but I think it could be great." Bradley Cooper dismisses rumours the fired Two And A Half Men star is set to make an appearance in upcoming comedy sequel, The Hangover Part Ii.

9th March 2011

Quote: "He made The A-Team and we were talking not too long ago about it, and I said, 'Yeah, I did this war movie,' and he told me about his war movie, so now we wanna do a war movie together, because we really loved our weapons. We shot, like, 20,000 rounds a day. It was insane." Aaron Eckhart reveals he and Bradley Cooper bonded on a recent Uso trip to boost morale for troops in Afghanistan, and now hope to work together.

7th March 2011

Quote: "He said, 'I got one question: A Team 2, is there gonna be one and can I be in it?' I was like, 'You were the only one who saw that movie'." Bradley Cooper on meeting former U.S. leader Bill Clinton in Thailand, while filming The Hangover sequel there.

6th March 2011

Quote: "I love those rumours. I'd better get ready." Actor Bradley Cooper laughs off reports he and Renee Zellweger are planning a wedding in Hawaii.

3rd March 2011

Quote: "Julie Christie - that was a profound crush. Beautiful, can't breathe stunning. I've never met her. I should take her to dinner and produce something. What am I thinking? I'm going to do that." Actor Bradley Cooper is determined to land a date with his teenage crush, British sex symbol Julie Christie.

3rd March 2011

Quote: "I was watching Robert De Niro in Everybody's Fine with my mother and I was crying like a baby. Watching men be vulnerable in movies just guts me. I very rarely cry from a woman's performance in a movie." Bradley Cooper can't help but weep when tough guys get emotional in the movies.

10th June 2010

Fact: Bradley Cooper's father, CHARLES, has a cameo in his new movie THE A-TEAM - he makes a brief appearance as Admiral Cooper when his son's character is court marshaled.

10th June 2010

Quote: "For a while I was e-mailing my friends pictures of me, saying, 'Dude, check this out!'" Actor Bradley Cooper enjoyed showing off his buff body while shooting action movie THE A-Team.

9th June 2010

Quote: "At first it was shocking how untrue everything was. Dates with women I've never had, houses I've never owned in areas I could never afford. I was one of those people who believed what they read (in the tabloids), except for the aliens and stuff." Actor Bradley Cooper has lost faith in the media now his personal life is constantly scrutinised in the press.

1st June 2010

Quote: "I'm reading about me taking Jennifer Aniston to my Bel Air mansion and having a candlelit dinner, and I was like, 'That's crazy. Never happened.'" Bradley Cooper is adamant he never dated JENNIFER ANISTON.

1st June 2010

Quote: "People thought I was a girl when I was little, because I looked like a girl - maybe because my mother would keep my hair really long in a bowl cut. I was in a coffee shop once and the waitress was like, 'What do you want, Miss?' I was 10 or 11 - the worst age to have that happen. I thought I was really cool." Actor Bradley Cooper has an embarrassing childhood secret.

8th April 2010

Fact: Bradley Cooper's actress ex-wife Jennifer Esposito is moving - she's sold her New York City apartment for $700,000 (£466,667). Esposito is engaged to Australian tennis ace Mark Philippoussis.

18th January 2010

Fact: Mike Tyson joined his THE HANGOVER co-stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha to introduce the film at the Golden Globes.

8th January 2010

Quote: "For me, it's a hundred times harder than acting in film or television. It's so much anxiety. When I did Three Days of Rain, I lost 17 pounds in rehearsal." Bradley Cooper on the pressures of acting on the stage.

8th January 2010

Quote: "I remember the first year I acted, I did five bits on TV shows. I called all my friends to watch, and each one, they cut all my stuff out! So after that, I thought, 'I'm never going to say anything.'" THE HANGOVER star Bradley Cooper's first foray into acting wasn't a success.

8th January 2010

Quote: "People thought we were dating. It was all over the internet. It was the first time I read a rumour like that about me, and I just thought it was fantastic." Bradley Cooper on his friendship with ALIAS star VICTOR GARBER

2nd January 2010

Quote: "She was one of the first people I met when I stepped onto Los Angeles soil. And she was very maternal, even then. She wanted to take care of me, make sure I was OK all the time. The first time I saw her, I was in the production office when we were shooting the pilot and this girl comes in, glowing. She had just baked cookies, which she was offering to me, and I was like, 'That is who's playing Sydney Bristow?'" Actor Bradley Cooper always knew his ALIAS co-star Jennifer Garner would make a great mother. The actress has two children with husband Ben Affleck.

13th October 2009

Fact: Julianne Moore, Bradley Cooper and Zachary Quinto will be among the stars honoured at the upcoming Hollywood Film Festival (26Oct09).

25th August 2009

Quote: "I've had so much stuff written about me; that one I was actually kind of flattered... but it's not true." Bond girl Denise Richards admits she's flattered by reports she's dating THE HANGOVER star Bradley Cooper.

9th June 2009

Quote: "No Jagermeister! Jagermeister killed me early on, and I went through a Jagermeister stage very fast." THE HANGOVER actor Bradley Cooper steers clear of the potent German liquor.

9th June 2009

Quote: "I passed gas on stage when I was doing a play called Three Days of Rain with Julia Roberts. No one knew but I think I went red." Actor Bradley Cooper on his most embarrassing moment.

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Movie stars Terrence Howard, James Franco, Tyrese Gibson and Chris Evans have topped a new list of hunky guys. The quartet join US TV stars Josh Holloway, Josh Duhamel and Bradley Cooper on glossy magazine In Style's new 7 Red Hot Guys. </p>

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