While we were meant to be focusing on Andy Murray during Sunday’s Wimbledon final, a glimpse of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk appearing to have a fight during the match stole many viewers' attention. But while some on Twitter speculated over what could have been going on between the couple, it’s been reported that what was actually annoying Shayk was pollen and not her movie star boyfriend.

Irina ShaykAllergies were said to have made Irina Shayk look teary-eyed at Wimbledon.

TMZ reports that Shayk looked to be wiping away a tear because she was suffering from allergies brought on by pollen and not because of a fight. Cooper, who at one point looked as if he was giving his girlfriend the side-eye, was actually just talking to former tennis champ Stefan Edberg, who was sitting next to Irina but not shown on camera.

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An insider also told E! News: ”They were not fighting. Everything is fine.” Some had speculated that the couple could have been fighting because Cooper’s ex, model Suki Waterhouse, was seated just two rows behind them.

Cooper and Shayk have been dating for just over a year but things are said to be pretty serious between them. Just over two weeks ago E! News reported that the couple were talking about starting a family together.

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A source said: "Things are getting more serious between them. They have spoken about having a family soon and building a future together. Irina would like to have kids in the next few years. Being a mother is something that is very important to her. Things are moving in an amazing direction."