The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has been out for a week now – plenty of time to get acquainted with the rag tag band of misfits, who call themselves the Guardians. These aren’t your regular superheroes we’re talking about here. And despite the fact that the team includes a green alien assassin and a treelike humanoid, the Guardian getting the most flack has to be Rocket. You know, the raccoon?

Rocket Racoon
Rocket, looking cooler than any racoon ever could.

Rocket Racoon didn’t get a lot of screentime in the trailer – presumably the visual gag of him being, you know, a raccoon, was enough to make people remember him.

If you haven't already, check out the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer below.

But there’s more to Rocket than meets the eye. Guardians director James Gunn calls him “the heart of the movie” in a new featurette, released by Marvel. The clip focuses solely on Rocket as a character and on Bradley Cooper, recording the voice bits for the little assassin. It was about time Rocket Racoon got some love too. Watch the clip below (don’t worry, no spoilers inside.)

The Guardians of the Galaxy film will be out on August 1 this year.

Guardians of the Galaxy still
Rocket is all about teamwork, as you can see from this screenshot, featuring the team's other GMO, Groot.