After working together on 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and David O. Russell have teamed up again, this time for biopic Joy. Joy tells the story of inventor Joy Mangano, who broke the rules as a female to become a millionaire business woman thanks to her miracle mop. But for Cooper the real ‘joy’ of filming came from working with Lawrence, De Niro and Russell again, a team that he says he’d ‘do anything’ to make more movies with.

Bradley Cooper in JoyBradley Cooper stars in Joy.

Cooper’s first time starring opposite Jennifer Lawrence came in the Oscar nominated Silver Linings Playbook, a year later the pair went on to star in another award-nominated film, American Hustle. Speaking about their on-screen chemistry Cooper said: “She’s kind of the best really at what she does.”

“She has this ability to dive into a situation and imagine every circumstance and make it real and you believe what she’s saying and the camera loves her, you cant take your eyes off her. She just has this very grounding, very rooted way of walking through a movie.”

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Cooper also sees similarities between Lawrence and Robert De Niro, who also starred in Silver Linings Playbook and is back again for Joy. “The same thing I encountered with Robert De Niro,” Cooper said.

“I found them to be very similar in terms of the way they approach the work and I think that's partly why David (O. Russell, director) works with them again and again. For me to be able to make a movie with them either one of them, I would do anything.”

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Speaking about director David O. Russell, who he has now collaborated with on three occasions, Cooper explained: “He has a singular voice which you can see from one frame of the film. There's certain directors were you watch one minute of the movie and you can probably name who directed that and David is one of those people.”

“But at the same time all his films are completely different from one another,” the actor added. “He has a voice, he has a point of view and that's what you're looking for as an actor in term of working with a director.” Joy hits US theatres on December 25th.

Watch the trailer for Joy below: