Iconic singing and acting duo Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper are riding high on the success of their latest film, A Star Is Born, which has earned rave reviews in the week leading up to its release. However, it seems there were some tricky times leading up to the finished project with Lady Gaga revealing her director and co-star, Cooper, refused to let her wear make-up during filming.

Bradley Cooper and Lady GagaBradley Cooper and Lady Gaga star opposite each other in, A Star Is Born

The normally flamboyant star was stripped back to the bare essentials on set with Limitless star Cooper as the pair retell the 1937 classic of the same name for the third time.

However, the Poker Face hitmaker revelaed she attempted to add a dash of glamour to her character, Ally, without Cooper noticing.

It seems Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, struggled with the concept of a pared-back character as she revealed the strict rules.

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Talking about being unrecognisable in the film, she said: "I tried to sneak some make-up in, but Bradley wouldn't go for it", before he explained his point, stating: "It's how the character is and Lady Gaga is incredible."

A Star Is Born tells the tragic romance of musician Jackson Maine (Cooper) who discovers and falls head-over-heels for struggling singer Ally (Lady Gaga).

Yet as Ally finds new found fame with her vocal talents, the lovers' relationship begins to breakdown as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his demons.

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Discussing the positive reaction to his directorial debut, Bradley added: "It's amazing. You take the good compliments when they come along!"

On the challenging task of both directing and acting in the film, the talented actor said: "Before I said yes, a lot of friends said, 'Don't do it. It's a crazy idea'. But once Lady Gaga agreed, I had to do it."

It seems it was Bradley's voice that swung it, as she said: "Once I heard Bradley sing I was blown away by him, I was moved by his passion. He may have had to convince other people to have me in the movie but, he didn't have to convince me."