Few things are more entertaining in showbiz than a painfully uncomfortable celebrity interview, especially when it's conducted by one of the most effervescent journalists in the UK. But while Bradley Cooper was not quite as flamboyant as some of her other interviewees, he was by no means as grumpy as everyone is saying he was.

Bradley Cooper at the UK premiere of 'A Star is Born'Bradley Cooper at the UK premiere of 'A Star is Born'

The 'A Star is Born' actor was interviewed by a national treasure, Alison Hammond, on 'This Morning' yesterday (October 2nd 2018), and while he seemed happy enough to be asked all the serious questions about his new movie, viewers remarked that he looked a little awkward when she started joking about a sequel starring her entitled 'Another Star is Born'.

They must have watched another interview though, because we saw a man laughing along and joking with Alison as she serenaded him with a love song, her vocals enthusiastic if less than polished. He even applauded, and encouraged the others in the room to do the same.

'I think it's er... You just blew my mind', he quipped. 'I could have watched that for much longer.'

When she obliged him with another verse, he even joined in by clicking and singing along and asked her when she wrote the song. 'I did it yesterday morning', she said with an enormous laugh, which Bradley himself chuckled at.

So why, then, is he being branded a 'grumpy git' and being remarked that his facial expression looked less than impressed? Of course, the interview didn't quite have the banter-fuelled hilarity of some of Alison's previous interviews. In 2017, she got 'Jumanji' stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to rip each other apart before getting Dwayne to marry her there and then with Kevin as the minister.

Her interview with 'Bladerunner 2049' stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling earlier in the year was just as hysterical, drinking whiskey and not getting many questions answered, while Ryan decided he might be more useful helping out the cameramen.

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But there was only Bradley being interviewed on his own with no pal to bounce off, so viewers have got to give him credit for putting on a brave face during a very unconventional Q&A session.