American Hustle may be one of the most-anticipated films of this holiday season. But no film can survive on star power alone, and it looks like this one has so much more. We started getting excited about this movie when we watched the latest clips.

American Hustle castAmy Adams [L], Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence [R]

The stars in American Hustle are seemingly never-ending, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner and others leading the cast. But many reviewers agree that the stars only add to the great story, loosely based on the Abscam case of the 1970s.

"An infectious blast of funky jazz played by a terrific cast and a director at the top of their respective games," David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter said.

"A brilliant cast shines in David O. Russell's deliriously funny account of the notorious Abscam case," Justin Chang with Variety said.

The majority of reviewers love the film, which boasts a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

"Reveling in its '70s milieu and in the eternal abrasion of sexy women and covetous men, American Hustle is an urban eruption of flat-out fun - the sharpest, most exhilarating comedy in years," Richard Corliss from Time Magazine said.

"Has the kind of throbbing pulse, wicked snap and sheer moviemaking bravado that makes it one of a very few films that can be mentioned in the same breath as Goodfellas," said Alonso Duralde of The Wrap.

Bradley Cooper Christian BaleBradley Cooper [L] and Christian Bale [R] in 'American Hustle'

Duralde wasn't the only one to compare the film to Goodfellas, but not all those reviews were good.

Sean O'Connell from Cinema Blend said, "Martin Scorsese has his Goodfellas. David O. Russell answers with his Mediocre-fellas."

Despite a few bad reviews, it appears the majority of critics love the movie. But more importantly, audiences are ready to see it.

Jennifer Lawrence still has the number one movie with The Hunger Games, and that may only fall with her newest film American Hustle. Ninety-eight percent of the 22,000 people who voted on Rotten Tomatoes are excited to see the film, which will be in theaters Dec. 13. Check out our Oscars betting guide to see whether or not you should place your hard-earned cast on O'Russell's movie.

Watch the trailer for American Hustle: