Brad Renfro's ex-girlfriend has been left devastated by the actor's sudden death - just days after she announced her engagement to another man. The Client star, who had a history of drug-related problems, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment last week (ends15Jan08), and his unexpected passing shocked his former girlfriend. The couple dated on and off for six years until last year (07). At the time of his death, Renfro had been trying to get in touch with his ex. She says, "Brad had been calling my phone and had been leaving me a bunch of messages up until two days before he died. But I hadn't had a chance to call him back. "Plus I'm engaged to somebody else and so it's kind of awkward for my fiance for me to be talking to my ex-boyfriend so I really didn't get to talk to him that much anymore." Renfro ex admits she will always miss the romantic Renfro the outside world never saw. She adds, "When he was sober, he was a really good person. He wasn't always perfect, but nobody is. He always bought me flowers, he would buy flowers all the time or plants or just fun little stupid stuff we would play with. He would buy me random things."