Good things come to those who wait, that is unless you're waiting for the new World War Z trailer set to air during Super Bowl sunday because it has already been made available online.

In the new clip of the Brad Pitt-starring apocalyptic action film we begin with Pitt and his on-screen family stuck in a New York City traffic jam (nothing new there then), before all hell breaks loose as the third world war, 'World War Z', gets underway. Not too much is given away in the trailer other than the fact that the film contains zombies, lots and lots of zombies.

As well as the zombies, the film, based on the Max Brooks book of the same name, follows Pitt's character, a UN worker, as he travels back and forth across the globe in a bid to stop the deadly outbreak of zombie-itus. Matthew Fox, David Morse, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale also star, whilst Marc Forster takes care of the directing duties.

The full, new trailer is available to watch at Apple's website until it is aired officially tomorrow (Feb 3). In the meantime you can watch the original trailer below.