Zombie movies, historically, have done best (or perhaps only been done) on a low budget. Hand held camera shots really suit the kind of panicked emotion that the genre requires, so when a zombie movie, starring the likes of Brad Pitt comes along, we really need to expect something a little different. With the release (finally!) of the World War Z trailer, some of the deviations from the standard form become apparent.

Firstly, the sheer scale of the 'epidemic' marks a great difference. Where seminal movies of the genre, such as 28 Days Later, focus on one character and his lone struggle for survival, travelling largely on foot, there really isn't the scope to examine the world wide effect. Even the large budget Will Smith movie 'I Am Legend' only focussed on New York City. World War Z, however, takes it international. The plot follows Brad Pitt's character, Gerry Lane, a UN employee and ideal family man. In the quest to save the world, he's called up and is forced to leave his family for the good of the planet. The second difference is its domestic interest. Again, in zombie movie predecessors the protagonist's family are all dead, but World War Z seems to, at least by the information in the trailer, be driven by Lane's family. 

All in all, the trailer looks utterly fantastic, with a story that's set to be both heartwarming, thrilling and terrifying- and starring Brad Pitt, you can't really go wrong. Plus, Pitt's performance is definitely a far cry from the bizarre Chanel No 5 advert that has garnered so much confusion. Marc Foster is the director, he's the guy that did Quantum of Solace. Anyway, we think it looks great, but take a look for yourselves.

Watch the trailer for World War Z here.