Brad Pitt is "madly in love" with Ines De Ramon.

The 60-year-old actor began dating the jewellery designer back in 2022, and Brad is still loving life with Ines.

A source told Us Weekly: "Being with her has brought new meaning to his life. Brad can’t rave enough about how madly in love he is.

"They complement each other."

Brad and Ines are "still going strong" and they appear to be a good match for one another.

The insider shared: "Ines is very zen and doesn’t like conflict or negativity."

Brad has been involved in an acrimonious legal battle with ex-wife Angelina Jolie over recent years.

But Ines hopes the movie star is able to "patch things up with Angelina".

The source added: "Ines [wants] Brad to find peace, forgive and move on.

"From her perspective, it doesn’t make sense for him to hold on to all the animosity."

Earlier this year, a source claimed that Brad "finally feels happy again".

The Hollywood star really appreciates having the "support" of his girlfriend.

The insider told PEOPLE: "Although he's always been surrounded by trusted friends, he still had years when he felt very lonely.

"Sharing his life and living with Ines now makes his very happy. Ines is great. She doesn't come with any baggage and is able to just support him."

Brad's close friends ultimately "just [want] him to be happy" with Ines.

The 'Meet Joe Black' star - who was married to Angelina between 2014 and 2019 - is now firmly focused on the future, rather than worrying about his past relationships.

The insider shared: "It's been very stressful for him to have to defend over and over again. But since things don't seem to change, he's trying to move on with his life."