18 years since Fight Club ripped up the rule book for modern day American fiction, Chuck Palahniuk has confirmed he is working on a sequel that will be published in May 2015, as a 10-issue series for Dark Horse Comics.

Chuck PalaniukChuck Palahniuk is writing Fight Club 2 [Getty/Neilson Barnard]

Illustrated by Cameron Stewart, Fight Club 2 will pick up 10 years after the events of the original, with the narrator now married to Marla Singer. Fans will be glad to hear Tyler Durden is back too, and Palahniuk promises to go even further to the shadowy character's psyche and even examine his origins

"Tyler is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that's popped into [the narrator's] mind."

Project Mayhem, the organized anarchist movement in the original, will also make a comeback.

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"He tries to go back and reclaim that phase of his life, and is just a pathetic failure," Palahniuk said. "He's not that person anymore. But beyond that, it's what the organization has grown into in his absence and what he's pulled back into."

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