Brad Pitt thinks the rise of streaming services is an “absolute positive” for the movie industry.

The ‘Babylon’ actor believes platforms such as Netflix have created more opportunities for new talent to breakthrough, both in front of and behind the camera.

He said: “Now, the biggest shift, certainly, is the invention of streamers.

“I think it’s an absolute positive. There’s so much more talent getting opportunities to tell stories – directors, actors, editors, writers, so on and so forth.

“It just shows that that talent pool was there all along, and only a limited number of people could get a lucky shot.

“So I love that we have the big cinema experience, and [‘Babylon’] is definitely that.

“But the more intimate, smaller films that wouldn’t get as many eyes on it, now get more – I feel – with streamers.

“More people have access to them.

“I appreciate that they both exist.”

The 59-year-old star is “amazed” at how much director Damien Chazelle managed to fit into their new film ‘Babylon’ - which depicts the hedonistic early days of Hollywood and in which Brad plays veteran actor Jack Conrad – particularly when it came to the lavish party scenes.

He told Total Film magazine: “There’s such an energy to this thing.

“I’m amazed by how much he was able to slot in – and not jam in, but slot in gracefully.

“The opening party scene is staggering, of epic proportions.

“But the approach of it all was not doing the overage – you know, like a single on this actor, a single on that actor. The constant takes can actually wear down and confuse the energy of the scene.

“He’s doing everything in camera, old style - explosions, 700 extras, actors coming in the scene, actors coming out – in one camera shot and the camera’s gliding around.

“It’s one of those things where you’re waiting for the magic to happen, where everything falls into place.

“And you keep going until you get it.

“I think that energy shows in the scene.”