Brad Pitt's latest film, the action flick Killing Them Softly, has divided critics so far in recent screenings, however one thing that everyone seems to be able to agree with is that Pitt's performance is well worth the admission fee alone.

Director Andrew Dominik's film follows Pitt as the tough-as-nails mob enforcer forced  to clean up the mess created by group of small timers following a poorly thought-out heist. Working with the director of The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford for the second time, Pitt and Dominik have once again made a film that hasn't quite won over everyone, yet Pitt has proven to be the one thing that everyone could agree on.

One review of the film, by the Associated Press, highlights Pitt for the ease in which he inhabits his character, describing it as "one of those effortless Pitt performances that exemplify how beautifully he manages to be both a serious actor and a superstar." This and most other reviews of the film are equally as gushing of Pitt, yet are keen to highlight the foibles the film possesses, with the large majority of critics bemoaning the film for being far too preachy and not nearly as straight to the point as it should be.

Still, with a current rating of 80% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, the film doesn't give the impression that it will be quite so avoidable. Is the film a marvel or is it merely a one person vehicle with Pitt behind the wheel, what do you think?