Brad Pitt never expected to win an Oscar. He said as much during Sunday night’s Governor’s Ball. Speaking to E! News, Pitt said: “"I don't know where I'm going to put it. I never thought I'd take one home, so I haven't thought that far in advance.”

Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt, Oscars 2014
McQueen [l] and Pitt [r] shared the glory at Sunday night's ceremony.

The cast of 12 Years say the film couldn’t have been made as it is without Pitt’s reach and influence in the film industry. For his part, however, the producer is most grateful for McQueen’s director, as he said in his acceptance speech. "Thank you all," Pitt said in his acceptance speech.

"Thank you for this incredible honor you bestowed on our film tonight. I know I speak for everyone standing behind me that it has been an absolute privilege to work on Solomon's story. And we all get to stand up here tonight because of one man who brought us all together to tell that story. And that is the indomitable Mr. Steve McQueen."

Brad Pitt, Oscars 2014
Could an acting award be next?

For all the recognition he’s received, Pitt is yet to win an acting award. He’s been nominated three times – the same as the famously snubbed Leonardo DiCaprio. Pitt received a nod for Best Supporting Actor for 1995’s Twelve Monkeys and two Best Leading Actor nominations – for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008 and Moneyball in 2011. As for his chances in the future, there are plenty of actors, who have won the Oscar later in life. Three of the last five Best Actor winners have been 50 and over upon winning the big one – Jeff Bridges was 60 when he won in 2010, one year later Colin Firth won at 50 and of course, there’s Daniel Day-Lewis, who was 55 when he won for Lincoln last year.

Brad Pitt, Oscars 2015
If he does, it won't be in 2015.

This year, Pitt stars in one upcoming film – the WWII-set Fury. In it, he plays the battle-hardened Wardaddy – the commander of a five-man unit on a mission behind enemy lines. The Academy isn’t big on war films these days, so 2015 probably won’t be Pitt’s year, but we’re rooting for him anyway.

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