Brad Pitt is very "hands on" with his drinks business.

The 59-year-old actor and his business partners have already enjoyed significant success with their drinks business over recent years, and Brad remains very passionate about the venture.

A source told PEOPLE: "Brad is very hands on.

"He has built a successful wine business with the rose for a decade and now, 500 miles away, he's building a champagne house - a real champagne house, not just his name on a bottle."

Brad has a long-term vision for his company and he's keen to have a hands-on role moving forwards.

The insider shared: "He has a vision, and loves seeing it evolve and sharing it."

Brad previously spoke about his personal passion for the drinks business.

The Hollywood star first ventured into the wine-making industry more than a decade ago, and he launched his champagne business in 2020.

Brad told PEOPLE: "Champagne for me, conjures up feelings of celebration, quality, prestige, and luxury. But rose Champagne is still relatively unknown. Backed by our success with Miraval in Provence, I wanted us to try to create the defining brand of rose Champagne, focusing all our efforts on just this one colour."

Meanwhile, Brad has been dating Ines de Ramon for a year.

Brad and Ines "enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests" - but the actor is happy to take his time with his latest romance.

A source recently told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Brad and Ines are still seeing each other and having fun.

"They enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests. They’re both creative, like to travel, and are happy being low-key. Things are good between them, but Brad isn't rushing anything."