Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie "may be one step closer to finalising their divorce".

Seven years after Angela filed for divorce from Brad - with whom she shares six children - the pair appear to be close to dissolving their marriage after they both finally submitted their financial documents.

According to TMZ, the latest step taken by Brad, 60, and Angelina, 48, is one of the final steps taken before the divorce becomes official.

The former Hollywood golden couple share six children together, Maddox, 22, Pax, 20, Zahara, 19, Shiloh, 17 and twins Knox and Vivienne, 15.

They met in 2004 while filming 'Mr. And Mrs. Smith' and tied the knot in 2014, after almost a decade together.

Angelina filed for divorce in September 2016 and subsequently accused Brad of physically and verbally abusing her and their children on board a plane.

Brad denied the claims.

Angelina recently claimed she "lost the ability to live and travel as freely" amid her divorce but hopes to relocate to Asia once her ongoing legal issues with Brad are over.

She told WSJ. Magazine: "It’s part of what happened after my divorce - I lost the ability to live and travel as freely. I will move when I can...

"I grew up in quite a shallow place. Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you seek authenticity."

And she noted how she and her children needed time and space to "heal" from the public break-up.

She said: "We had to heal. There are things we needed to heal from."

Once she does get to leave Hollywood, the 'Eternals' actress wants to find "authenticity" with her children and spend more time at her home in Cambodia.

She revealed: "They are the closest people to me and my life, and they're my close friends. We're seven very different people, which is our strength."